10 Doubts About Affiliate Marketing

10 Doubts About Affiliate Marketing

10 Doubts About Affiliate Marketing


Over 4 BILLION people online as of 2019 and these people are going to google, yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or visiting websites for products, ideas, and services every day.

There are people looking for information, solutions to problems, and buying stuff every day. We are here to provide and help with the things that these people are looking for and direct them to the right place to get what the want and solve their problem. What is Affiliate Marketing?

Our genuine review will be there to help, recommending products/services they can benefit from, and we will earn affiliate commissions ($$) as a token of appreciation. Sounds great?

10 Doubts About Affiliate Marketing

How do I get started?

I came across Affiliate Marketing years ago and I didn’t get to start, back then it seems too complicated, too much work to do in order to set up a website and I have no idea where to begin. The information is overloaded on the internet, building a website is too complicated.

Time flies after 5 years now, things have improved so much, tools that we need are all over the place in the internet world, where we can really do so much more, and save so much time. I have been doing this for a year, and I am still doing it, things are definitely not as complicated or difficult as before.


What are the most concerns?

  1. Organic SEO is too much work.
  2. Pay ad is too expensive
  3. Listing in Google on the first page is hard to compete with the big players (is very true)
  4. Too many contents to write, I’m not creative
  5. Hire freelancer is too many hassles to deal with
  6. I can’t design a web page
  7. Not sure how to build a website
  8. There are tons of same topic website targeting the same interest of people (true and not true)
  9. Maintenance about updating info, links, product reviews

In actual facts…

1. Organic SEO

10 Doubts About Affiliate Marketing

There are basic setups in WordPress, easy-peasy, tracking traffic by Google Analytics tool (free tools), key wordings searching that I learn from my course. There are many ways to create organic SEO. We can use the Google Alphabet Soup method too to generate organic SEO.

2. Pay ad

Yes, if we depend on pay ad only, it is hard to sustain, pay ad is not a priority anymore but is a boost option later once your website consolidated, keywording done properly, organic SEO will work better, and last longer.

3. Ranking

Ya, so we don’t use the typical same keywords that they use, and we choose to target particular niche market customers.

4. Too many contents to write, I’m not creative

I am a motion graphic designer, to me, creativity comes from doing a lot of research. When we are lacking ideas, it means our brain has zero info, so we have to load in more, to generate our contents.

Once we know how to do it properly, we can hire writers to write for us.

5. Dealing with freelancers

In order to get the good ones, we have to go through the process. There are no shortcuts when we want freedom in life.

6. Build a good looking website

There are 7000+ nice templates in WordPress you can use immediately without you design skills. Some are for corporate, e-commerce, fashion, blogs and more.

10 Doubts About Affiliate Marketing

For easy logo design, title page, social media posts, you can get many free templates in Canva.com too.

In short, WordPress and 3rd party plugins providers have improved so much to help us on easy blogging. The customizations of a website can live without HTML scripting, they have all the widgets, elements, and drag-and-drop card types that can almost do whatever you need to own a fully functional website. The widgets look like these:

To check out more on step-by-step of how to create a website using WordPress here.

7. Competition

Yes, but we have 4 BILLION people in the internet world, we can choose our niche and only target the right people. We do not have to fight with the big boys, we cannot beat them, thus we target differently.

There are over 550 MILLION products and services that you can promote as an affiliate marketer. The opportunity is incredible and still growing!

The market is huge! Opportunities are all over the place for us to seek!

8. Content Maintenance

YES, we have to provide up-to-date info, products, or services link! One trick is to sell evergreen products and services, maybe you can worry less for the updates. But good companies always improvise their products and services, it is also good for us to keep our content updated.


What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Start?

Anyone can achieve online business. Any business takes time to build, to be known, but I choose to spend a minimum cost, to target a wider market, 24 hours 7 days, people from all over the world will be able to read your blogs, to purchase stuff. Treat the business as a long-term goal, you will have a good business mindset to begin and sustain with.

Doubts can be cleared, as long as we seek for it.

Patience is a Virtue

This is not a “GET RICH QUICK” scheme. A lot of perseverance and patience is expected in order to see the result of your hard work. Durations to be successful are different for everyone.

What do you really want in life? Money, flexible time, health, quality time with your family?

Money can be made, but no money can buy back our time. How many years do you want to work for people, trading your precious time for money?

Once you find a permanent income stream, you do not need to spend time on things that not worth your time anymore.

Success is a Journey

Rewiring your mindset of looking for Affiliate Marketing or online business. Look at it as everything you do now, and every little success you create will contribute towards your success in the future.

To know more about the course I highly recommended, please check out the Top affiliate marketing course detail here.

An exciting journey does lie ahead and the effort you put forth now will pay off later and often forever! It is possible. You have enough resources and the ability to start immediately. To accelerate the process of success you can also sign up Affiliate Marketing course below right away. I will be here to help you on your journey.

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How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing?


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