10 Facts About ShareASale Affiliate Program

What is ShareASale Affiliate Program

10 Facts About ShareASale Affiliate Program

1. Who is ShareASale?

If you are still not sure about what is affiliate marketing, I would recommend you read this post first before continuing this post 🙂 And continue here at “What is ShareASale Affiliate Program?” Cos this is more about ShareASale. Hang in there!

10 Facts About ShareASale Affiliate Program

Brian Littleton founded ShareASale and being CEO himself since 2000, has connected thousands of merchants and affiliates alike, ensuring mutual profitability while preserving the spirit and core values of the affiliate marketing industry. ShareASale is one of the biggest affiliate networks that have been around for 20 years.

10 Facts About ShareASale Affiliate Program

ShareASale mainly targeting small and mid-size merchants, growing some well-known brands over the years. Global affiliate network Awin has acquired ShareASale in 2017 to provide international opportunities to domestic advertisers and publishers.

The business is among the largest U.S. affiliate networks in terms of the number of advertisers. ShareASale has over 700,000 affiliates and hosting almost 4000+ Affiliate Programs spanning 40 different categories, over the years the numbers are still increasing. Customers have more choices for a variety of programs.

2. Free and Easy Signup

No criteria open up an account with ShareASale, you can try applying for affiliate programs inside, some will approve your application immediately some may take some time to go through your profile and website. Just press the button “Join this Program”!

What is ShareASale Affiliate Program

3. Customize Search Functions

10 Facts About ShareASale Affiliate Program

ShareAsale is easy to use. You can filter your searches based on keywords, category merchant EPC, amount of commission, merchant status, for instance, are they running low on funds and how long they have been a merchant with ShareAsale.

There is a function where you can sort out the best PowerRank merchants, it will show you the top 100 merchants that people like to work together with on ShareAsale.

The tools are there to help you to find the merchants’ affiliate programs that suit your appetite.

4. Affiliate Categories

You can pick your preferred affiliate program categories, it consists of 40 main categories and many more subcategories as such:

10 Facts About ShareASale Affiliate Program


  • Accessories — Jewelry, cosmetics, shoes, etc.
  • Gifts — Flowers, gift baskets, candies, etc.
  • Clothing — Men’s, women’s, children’s, pets.
  • Classifieds — eCommerce solutions, advertisements, B2B marketing
  • Automotive — Cars, trucks, vehicles rentals, parts, etc.
  • Food and Drinks — Groceries
  • Gourmet — Premium Food

5. Merchant Brands

Categories included technology, fashion, fitness, hostings, accessories, music, business finances, you name it. All kinds of niches you can find to promote. Even diary, calendars, gift, even online dating websites they are there. Just pick a topic you like you can start promoting.

ShareAsale has a mix of famous and less known brands as its merchants. For instance, Reebok, WP engine, Walmart, NBA store, and more.

For instance, brands like below:

10 Facts About ShareASale Affiliate Program
10 Facts About ShareASale Affiliate Program
10 Facts About ShareASale Affiliate Program
10 Facts About ShareASale Affiliate Program

6. ShareASale Affiliate Commissions

Commissions offer from merchants can be from 3% per sales and up to 50% per sales. It depends on brands and products. Some merchants offer a flat rate, it can be as low as $5 per lead or $50 per sales. You can pick what you preferred to earn. The company has categorized programs to the pay-per-sale group and the pay-per-lead group, some merchants may also offer both.

Real-Time Tracking

ShareAsale tracks real-time sessions. Once your links, banners, are clicked, your commission can be seen on the system right away.


You can segment and group affiliates by using tags. Convenient trend tracking of a specific category of affiliate groups, targeted content, and types of commission.

7. ShareASale Payouts

When you get approval from the merchants that you apply, the merchant’s side will generate a special code for you, the code will be integrated into the links or banners for you to place into your website. From there your website will display the links and banners in your content for readers to click and buy stuff from your link. Once a transaction completed, you will get a commission from the merchant.

You will get the payment from the ShareASale website, on the 20th of each month. You can only withdraw once the amount has to accumulate up to $50 or more. Payment can be made via cheque, Payoneer, or direct deposit to your bank. Another payment will be Wire Deposit, it cost $29 for each transaction.

Reliable Monthly Payments

Ontime payment will be made monthly so that you dont have to worry about late payments for your livings.

No PayPal Payouts

The downside of it is they have no PayPal payouts which many of us from overseas transact using Paypal account, and is easier for different currency exchange.

8. The Criteria

It is free to join and open account to be a partner with ShareASale. There are some criteria that apply, that you should take note when you decided to join.

Inactive accounts will definitely be removed, especially when the account balance is less than $25 after some time. If your account has a balance of $50, $25 will be deducted monthly as a fee, and it goes until zero, the account will be closed automatically. This is the downside that newbie that just started up doesn’t want to encounter.

Of course, you will be alerted when the fees are getting lower, they will have reminders for you. ShareAsale is notably transparent about the fees, costs, and charges. Anything you need to clarify, just reach out to their supports. You will be able to get a reply.

9. Feedbacks from Users

As usual, some people think ShareASale has helped them to make money and good to use, some otherwise think it is worthless. My verdict would be if a website has no sales, that can be a lot of factors. For example, SEO, and content. Individual effort’s contribution is different.

What is ShareASale Affiliate Program
10 Facts About ShareASale Affiliate Program
10 Facts About ShareASale Affiliate Program
10 Facts About ShareASale Affiliate Program
10 Facts About ShareASale Affiliate Program

10. What To Expect

There is this situation that you might encounter later, which is when a merchant fails to transact payment of changing the terms of payment, this happens sometimes. ShareASale will recover the corresponding commission from your website that has been previously paid to you. If your account balance is below the void balance, it will take back from your future earnings.

Anytime the merchant can void your earnings if they find some sort of evidence of fraud, for instance, the merchandise has been returned or rejected, payment has been accidentally doubled.

The refund to the merchants will be done automatically.

11. Customer Support

Training webinars are provided. “What is affiliate marketing all about? “explanation video is here. Blogs are provided too to help you to improve your marketing skills. Click here to read more. ShareASale website has all the easy manage features for you to manage your account too.

This is a rather important factor that marketers will keep using the platform, the support help are mandatory. ShareAsale is reachable by phone or via email.

MON-FRI FROM 9 AM TO 5:30 PM Central Time
Telephone Support is Not Available: Friday 2 PM – 5:30 PM

Additionally, the FAQ section is there too for you to seek for quick answers, or else you can always submit a ticket for more detailed answers.

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Free to open account - $25/Monthly to maintain

Brand Quality


Easy to Use




Approval Rate





  • Well-known brand like Reebok
  • User friendly website
  • Showing Running low on funds
  • Transparency in payments
  • Reliable Monthly Payments


  • Close account when your account back down to zero balance
  • No Paypal payouts


  1. Hi Yongli,

    No PayPal transfer is indeed a hassle(downside) for people who promote products overseas, and I am sure that this is something ShareAsale needs to improve.

    By reading the reviews from real users, I think both positive and negative are equally crucial as references if we decide to go further joining this platform. Doing an affiliate marketing business requires lots of time and effort, so it’s hard to comment on what happens to those real users’ businesses. The best way to proceed is still to follow the instructions provided by ShareAsale and the merchants, right?


    • Hi Matt,

      To be efficient, it is always good to only sign up for the merchants that have a product that can relate to our website content. That will be good too if merchants provide banners, proper links for us to use on our posts. You are right, we need to do proper research and make sure we provide good info for people who are interested to buy the product, this is important.

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