5 Effective Ways of How to Improve Me

5 Effective Ways of How to Improve Me

How to become a better self and make wiser decisions? 5 Effective Ways of How To Improve Me.

Life often throws us unexpected challenges when we are not ready.

How if your thoughts form the way you are, you can be bigger than your thinking. Many times life decided to make you realize, and learn something from difficulties by giving you challenges. We can choose to look at it as “problems” in life, or lessons in life.

Once I heard, “There are no failures, there are only lessons.”

When you face difficult times, know that challenges are not sent to destroy you. They are sent to promote, increase and strengthen you.

From time to time, you may make mistakes, but that’s normal, nobody is perfect. Sometimes we repeat the same mistakes, I just want to let you know, that is okay too. We will learn and eventually become smarter. What are the 5 effective ways of how to improve me?

 5 Effective Ways of How to Improve Me

1. Monitor How You Feel

When setbacks hit, is very hard to ask one to stay positive. I hate to ask you to be POSITIVE, but what you can do on the particular down, hopeless day, just don’t continue building your setback feelings.

Meaning, if you find building a wall is tough, don’t do it today. Sit back and relax. Watch ‘F.r.i.e.n.d.s’ bloopers. Watch some funny talk show. Tell yourself, I am not lousy, I’m just tired today.

Lets optimistic and enthusiastic carry on tomorrow if not, the day after tomorrow when you feel good. Continue to seek out new opportunities when you feel good. Opportunities don’t knock for sure, but we can seek opportunities when our energy bar is full again.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door – Milton Berle

2. Re-look Into Your Strengths and Weaknesses

What can you do best? What can you do best and still feeling happy? What can demotivate you and hard to get back on track again? Look at your abilities and see how else you can employ them to good use.

Analyze what is the main cause that brings you down. Are there alternative ways to deal with the obstacles? Make sure you rest enough, feel good to give yourself enough time to try out a different approach.

If you know you can give up doing the same thing easily, then try not to immerse yourself too much from the beginning. Spread out the joy, it will last a longer miles.

If your weakness is how people condemn you, then stop listening. I know it’s hard to tell them to keep their mouth shut, but if you know their words can affect you, then choose your friends wisely. Read more about what is a friend for here.

The less you respond to rude, critical, argumentative people… the more peaceful your life becomes. – Mandy Hale

3. Break Your Routine and Seek The Unfamiliar

Read and watch something new, new topics of articles, a new genre of movies, music, read something that you can hardly understand. Stimulate your brain juice. See if you can find something new and interesting to learn.

For example, new languages, music instruments, a new sport, a new travel locations. Go to places you have not been before, open to a culture that you are not familiar with.

You’ll be surprised how much you can adapt, and started to like and enjoy a new culture, new info, and new environment. Develop habits of reading a variety of subjects to improve your general knowledge.

Exploring unplanned itinerary lets you discover possibilities or opportunities you never knew existed. A new way of living in life will follow along. A change is always a good thing, a change can be challenging, but it will be a good chance. Obstacles are there happening all the time, but it is not everlasting, it is temporary.

Albert Einstein said: “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”

4. Start Listening to People Who Are Better Than Us

Opportunities knock only when we have an open heart and ears. It’s true! If you don’t start listening, how can I deliver the message to you about where to dig the gold? If you don’t empty your glass, how can people pour in more yummy juices?

Broaden our mental parameters can bring a lot of unknown great information to us. An open mind lets you receive things from different people and enable you to see things from different perspectives. Read different genres of materials or you can listen to some audiobooks too.

Growth isn’t always linear, two steps forward, one step back.

5. Ask Questions

There are no stupid questions. Well, when you portray yourself a smart person, your questions can easily become not too smart questions, but if you are an always-willing-to-learn-more student, your questions will never be silly enough for others to answer. The more you ask, the more the other person willing to tell you more about what he/she knows. This is how you can learn even faster than you read. Sometimes, you can even learn from the other person’s mistakes. We take note, and we can accelerate the learning process even faster.

6. Takeaways:

  1. Monitor How You Feel
  2. Re-look Into Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  3. Break Your Routine and Seek The Unfamiliar
  4. Start Listening to People Who Are Better Than Us
  5. Ask Questions

What do you thin of 5 Effective Ways of How To Improve Me?
Leave me some comments to let me know what you want to implement first?

For me, I always ask how do I feel today? If I feel good, I write blogs to help people! Otherwise, let’s watch some funny show tonight! No big deal.

Let me know which one you prefer? Till next time!


  1. Hi I am a strong believer in a positive mindset. It is sometimes hard to take a back step and really understand your feelings on a conscious level. Our subconscious often takes over and tries to put our primitive behavior forward. Reacting from emotion can be bad for our self esteem. I find that even in bad times there is normally a positive lesson to be learned. I think that a lot of the time when we react on an emotional level we, put more meaning to situations and I feel we would be better off seeing the truth in a situation. Don’t blow it out of proportion but, see it for what it is. That way we can deal with it. Thanks for an informative post. Mark

    • Hi Mark you are right, bad times can be positive lessons. Find meaning in all situations, and believe everything happens for a reason. I sincerely hope everyone can remember, obstacles are just part of life, it is the training of life. They build us and make us stronger and better than before. 🙂

  2. Hi, this is a great post relating to a subject I’m passionate about. Your 5 effective ways are absolutely effective. In my experience I’ve found people who can read something like this post and effectively get on with it but there are others who need more of a helping hand to make their unfamiliar, familiar. Thank you, Steve C

  3. I enjoyed your article. 🙂 I love the idea of seeking out the unfamiliar. It is what makes like interesting and fun. It makes me think of what can I read or do today that I don’t know much about? Also, it seems like a good thing to figure out what I’m feeling rather than being hard on myself on a bad day. Thanks for your article. 

  4. Excellent ideas! I struggle with self doubt myself, especially when I was younger, and I used many of the ideas you takes about here to move forward in my life. I’m going to send this link to my little sister, I think she would benefit by reading this, may help her get out of her own way. Thank you so much for sharing, I’m going to bookmark this as well to come back to when I need to remind myself of these things! 

  5. Thanks for your article. I feel like the brain is like a horse. As long as you firmly tell it what to do. However, as soon as you give it some freedom (indulge in addictive behaviors), it takes a lot of will power to get it back into control. I suppose it is always great to look for a higher purpose. Whenever you start any activity, ask yourself, what happens next? If you will likely suffer from that action in the long-run, why do that action?

    • Sometimes is hard to focus and know what to do when we are down, upset and feeling demotivated. Not to indulge to any of the behaviours and emotions are what we preferred too… I can’t agree more. Asking ourselves questions and answer are good ways to understand ourselves more… Good idea!

  6. A very inspiring article, having confidence in oneself after a major failure is one of the hardest experiences for any person; particularly if you make the mistake late in life; I had to endure  such an experience, and found your training sound.I know so because I have followed some of the steps. Creativity and critical thinking are key factors. Thank you for sharing;

    Are you a professional?

    • Hi Codevonish, making mistakes late in life is really not easy… we can’t change what had happened. What we can do is try not to dwell in the past too much. Yesterday was gone, look forward to tomorrow, and what we really own is now…. we are blessed for what we have, aren’t we? 🙂 I believe I have all I need and good enough to heal others, and you can be a healer too!

  7. Thanks for this wonderful article about how to improve on myself it has really been an enjoyable article from its beginning to its end and I have got to know these different ways on how to improve on myself and for I would also prefer implementing the first effective way which is all about monitoring how I feel thanks for sharing 

    • Monitoring how we feel, in another word is to be mindful of how we feel…. then we will have more control of how we reacting to things that fall on us, regardless and good and bad, right?

  8. How true! If only we knew in advance what life will throw us, we would prepare well. Staying positive is the only option as staying negative will not yield an alternative outcome.I like that you have mentioned staying away from negative influences that can bring us down. Great quote by Albert Einstein to find the opportunity in every difficulty. These are great points to work on in order to stay positive. Thank you for sharing.

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