6 Ways To Invest In The Stock Market Safely

6 Ways To Invest In The Stock Market Safely
6 Ways To Invest In The Stock Market Safely

What are the 6 Ways To Invest In The Stock Market Safely?

  • Want financial freedom, you need passive income, what is passive income?
  • Not have time to complete an investing course?
  • Want to avoid investing mistakes?
  • Have no time to research the best stocks?
  • Want to build & grow your passive income?

Over the years, I have come across many courses, this is one that I highly recommended cos this is the same method that Warren Buffet been using all these years.

Kanwal Sarai, the founder of Simply Investing shares FREE knowledge for users, it doesn’t need us to sign up any newsletter and courses yet. If Warren Buffet can create passive income using this way, we can learn the way he does and do the same.

NOTE: in a safe way. Investing in the stock market is very risky? Not at all. We have to educate ourselves before investing in the stock market. Investing really can be simple.

1. How to invest in the stock market safely?

FREE For Basics Stock investing Beginners INFO TO START

Be a stockholder of a company, you own some stocks and consider shareholders of the company. You are entitled to share in the profits of the company in the form of an annual dividend.

An annual dividend (part of the profit) is a cash payment made to stockholders. Some companies have been paying dividends for over 100 years.

1. Stock, dividend, dividend yield
2. Buy low and sell high
3. 12 Rules if Simple Investing (FREE)
4. The Simply Investing Financial Report Study

Kanwal Sarai, the founder of Simply Investing has shared Free Basic Knowledge as below:

2. How To Buy Stocks for beginners?

Buy low and sell high on good company stocks. The key is to buy quality stocks when they are at intrinsic value. A good company simply means a long run profitable company.

Shows consistent growth; has a strong balance sheet, consistent earnings per share. Stock prices change all the time, each month you will need to be updated on which stocks are priced low, and which ones are quality companies.

3. How To Do Value Investing Safely?

Educate yourself, research more and know where to find good and stable stocks. All investments have risks, including mutual funds, index funds, or ETFs.

What we can do is to avoid high risk, and handle manageable low risk. It’s important to focus on investing in quality dividend-paying stocks to minimize your risk.

Simply Investing report will filter and screen through for you what are the good companies to invest. Simply Investing will keep you update on company updates.

4. How Hard Is It To Buy And Sell Stocks?

Create an account with your near brokerage firms. Fill up forms and check out the trade commission charges before you sign up.

Mostly all of them do online platform investing has made it very easy to buy and sell stocks from the comfort of your own home. Buying and selling stocks is as simple as paying your bills online. Online stock brokerages provide you with all the tools and support you need to help you buy/sell stocks.

5. The Simply Investing Report

  • tracks 200 stocks each month and lists the ones that are undervalued and the ones that are overvalued, the report also applies the 12 rules of investing to each stock (More details report)
  • Available in PDF format and in an Excel file each month
  • Published on the first of every month, and is available by download from our website
  • can be purchased by a monthly or annual subscription
  • **SI Report subscribers get access to all previous issues

Learn How To Invest In The Stock Market Safely

6. High Yield Dividend Stocks

The US stocks include the Dow 30, some dividend aristocrats and other large corporations with a history of paying dividends.

goal of the SI Report is to help you create a passive stream of growing income from dividends. Simply Investing only track companies that are industry leaders and have a history of paying increasing dividends over the long-term.

  • Average EPS Growth
  • Average Dividend Growth
  • Payout Ratio
  • Long-term Debt/Equity Ratio
  • Consistent Share Buyback (Y/N)
  • P/E Ratio
  • Dividend Yield
  • P/B Ratio
  • Book Value Per Share
  • SI Criteria (out of 9): The 9 quantitative criteria taken from the 12 Rules of Simply Investing. A stock that passes all the criteria listed on the previous page achieves a maximum grade of 9 out of 9.
  • Annual Dividend
  • Graham Price
  • % Difference Graham Price vs Current Price
  • Dividends are given by companies in the first year
  • Undervalued/Overvalued stocks
  • EPS: Earnings per share
  • Consecutive Years of EPS Increases: List the most recent number of years of consecutive EPS increases.
  • And many more

Looking to earn more? Each month the report gives you:

  • Quality stocks which are priced low (great for buying)
  • Quality stocks which are priced high (great for selling or avoiding)
  • Stocks with the potential for highest dividend growth and capital appreciation
  • The 12 Rules of Simply Investing applied to each of the over 200 stocks

How to invest in the stock market safely? Use Simply Investing Report to build your own portfolio of quality dividend-paying stocks. Price at $19.99/month or to save more $199.99/annual

Everything you need to create a stream of growing income

Simply Investing Report tracks over 200 of the largest companies in the United States and Canada. Companies are paying dividends for many years. No jargon, plain and simple, each month:

  • They cover a list of undervalued and overvalued dividend-paying stocks
  • 26 data points for each stock
  • The 12 Rules of Simply Investing applied to each of the over 200 stocks

Use the Simply Investing Report to start investing today. Leave me some comments and ask me questions!


  1. Thanks for this educative post, Investing in stocks is an excellent way to grow wealth. I was planning to start trading since long time.I recently opened my trading account . Although I am new player in game of trading, Right now i am building my own strategy of investment. Thanks the information you shared will help me in taking meaningful decisions. Much appreciated.

    • Hi Seun, do spend more time research more on Value Investing. Being a daily trader can be rollercoaster and we might not able to sleep at night. But if we are investing in good fundamental companies, short term market fluctuation will not affect us much, long term investment is less risky. All the best with your investment journey! Thanks for popping by.

  2. I am a bit clueless when it comes to investing in the stock market. My brother does it for a living, so I tend to rely on him for advice.

    However, this course looks like just the thing for beginners like myself. I can maybe try it to educate myself so I don’t feel so stupid when it comes to social gatherings and everyone seems to be talking about investing. I tend to play it safe with unit trusts, but maybe it is about time I take out a percentage and start diversifying.

    • Hi Michel, brother is reliable! Investing in the stock market is risky only when we have no idea of what we are buying and selling. To know more value investing meaning is to know more about the companies. For example Mcdonald’s, I don’t think you need to as anyone’s advice right? Good companies, their services, and revenue can easily tell if the companies are good to invest in the long run. When we know about the company vision and the past 10 years of financial records, our investment risk has reduced a lot more. Hearsay investment is high risk!

      Have fun exploring more into value investing in the stock market!

  3. This is amazing. Like warren buffet rated that one needs to diversify the stream if income as that would help to tied more and more income without working at all. This offer here is great to know of and definitely, I would be more than willing to put it into consideration. Investing into stocks is a great way of investment but I didn’t know such an offer could exist that would help to make investment decision way much more simpler and easier. I will definitely check it out

    • Hi Roland, thanks. Great that the post can help more people to know that stock market is not that scary after all, and dividend stocks can generate passive income and it is for long term. Do explore more into Value investing, there are a lot of information about this on the internet, select the good source meticulously to learn more about value investing! Have a good start! 

  4. Simple investing report sounds really good. I have had a couple of issues with investing in the stock market mostly because I didn’t know which company was likely to succeed in the future and which company had good stock that will get better in the future. With this, I can have peace of mine and invest in something great. The price is not so bad so I’ll gibe it a try.

    • Hi Henderson, good companies are tonnes, Mcdonald’s? Starbucks? if we can’t afford 100 shares, we can buy 10 shares. As long as the companies are good, profitable in the long run, it has a good vision. The report would be saving us a lot of time, to quicken the process of investing, to give us more facts and confidence to place our money into. It would be very helpful for many of us! 

  5. Hi

    As a beginner in stock investing, I found this article to be very helpful. I see that buying low and selling high isn’t the only way to make money. I didn’t know about dividends before so this post kinda opened my eyes. I feel buying stocks with high dividend payout can serve as a good long time and passive income source. Thank you for sharing. 

    • Buying low and selling high provided we do it on the right companies, some companies do not climb back as fast and some never climb back. To be safe, knowing the fundamental of the company, financial condition and future plan is still better before we invest. Do research more about value investing and apply method into your portfolios! Cheerios!

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