7 Reasons for Having a Best Friend Forever

7 Reasons for Having a Best Friend Forever

Long enough for me to figure out what is a friend for. For sure, friends are there for us for the ups and downs, good times and bad times but we never audit them, edit them, or filter them. Not until things happen, who will be there to stay, guide you through the whole process, and making good decisions, analyze consequences with you without taking advantage of you? Let me share with you the 7 Reasons for Having a Best Friend Forever.

Things might go haywire if we mingle with the wrong circle of friends. It could be wrong for many times in order for us to finally come to a conclusion that what kind of friends are worth keeping and letting go, and eventually, we will regain our peace and hassle-free long term friendships that you wouldn’t want to go back the same chaos again ever in your life.

7 Reasons for Having a Best Friend Forever

Therefore, it is important for us to audit‘ our friend lists, regardless of how young are we, as long as you know what is your value, what kind of friends worth your time, and be mindful of who you keep and spend your time with.

“Don’t make friends who are comfortable to be with. Make friends who will force you to lever yourself up.”

Thomas J. Watson

1. Growth Mind

Good conversations ingest good thoughts. Good Values from friends through conversations can be giving you ideas of what you can achieve in life. For example: What is our short term goal? And what is your long term goal?

Encourage your friends that short term goals can be a simple but effective one like Changing a job that is unfit, go through the process together and be supportive. Long term goal is to be able to save up a certain amount of money for a vacation. Be a reminder for each other and work towards goals in life.

2. Stay Healthy Together

Share good food. Sometimes share the fattening food together. You gain muscles or gain some fats together. You share everything with no complaints. Of course, we share the bills, or we take turns and most importantly, we enjoy the time together.

We can work-out together. Be it with brisk walking, cycling, skating, walking the dog at the park, as long as go out for a workout together, invite your friends for a dance class, yoga class, and motivates each other to keep doing it weekly or daily. Your friends might have backache, headache, sleepless nights too due to different factors, you can also help to search for a solution and offer your solutions.

3. Talk it out

Life has unlimited challenges await us. Uncertainty is a necessary stimulation in life. Sometimes we are feeling lost, no direction in life, we need advice, somebody, to hear us out. Friends are nice to be around. Fun and parties complimented the journey that we have gone through in life.

Have a good meal, good chat, a cup of coffee or drink can help to distress.
Sometimes even we are not talking about things, spending time together, be there for each other are nice gestures for friends too.

4. Travel with buddies

Traveling with friends is precious. We do this a lot when we are young. We tend to do lesser we when got older especially when we have separate families.

Able to travel and do sightseeing or shopping trip, near or far, meet people and dwell into the local culture together. Spending time together and talk about plans and dreams are precious moments.

5. Reach out

Sometimes we might be too busy to hang out with friends as we grow older, we work, running a busy life.

We are should take initiative to check-out our friends. Taking initiative are always a nice gesture. We won’t know how each other is doing, oftentimes we assume our friends are doing better than us. But that is not true. Everyone has different kinds of life to go through, smooth sailing will not happen all the time.

Sending a message, having a short meet-up for a cup of tea, a text message, even better to make a phone call, these small gestures are simple but there are very heartwarming.

6. Mentally and Physically Support

Having friends to help move house, painting, walking our dogs are sweet. Receiving hugs, a pat at the back, giving a hand for each other when needed are even sweeter. Some people are not close to the family, friends are lovely companions.

We can celebrate our Birthday, Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas with friends when are not able to do it with our family. It is always nice to have somebody we can talk to, comfortable to hang out with, take courses together and celebrate occasions with.

7. This is What True Friends are For

Choose your friends carefully, be with the friends that able to bring the best in you, remind you and explain to you when you are derailed, take you for who you are, encourage you to achieve your dream and grow together from time to time in life. Be courageous to let go of friends that don’t share the same good values, good people will meet like-minded friends. Keep filtering your friend list from time to time.

You only need the good ones.

Leave me some experience that you have encountered with friends, we can share each other stories, to know what kind of friends we need, in order to make our life more meaningful.

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  1. Very interesting article. I think friends are there to help each other, good and evil. A true friend should always have your back, but should also be aware of your nature and if something goes terrible wrong with you – he/she must let you know. That is how I feel about friendship. Sometimes it is needed to reach out and help by letting your friend know – no matter how he/she will feel about it.

    Lovely website by the way.

  2. Great post you have got here and surely one worthy of ruminating on. Friends are not just meant for merriment. However, friends are meant to push one another towards attaining more success in life in all areas and fields. We are suppose to benefit and be a reason the other person is pushing more and more towards attaining success and smashing goals. One thing must be put in place, the competition must be strictly healthy and not born out of envy. Thanks

  3. Having friends to push us and set us up on the path to success is the only thing we should hope from our friends. Friends are meant to be the drive and motivation to keep us right on spot of whatever we are doing. They should be people we can run to when we have problems, we should set goals together and also achieve all together. They should not be set of people that we are convenient with. Rather, be individuals that we are challenged to be around. Thanks

  4. Hi, Yongli.
    I liked the caption- Audit your Friend’s List.
    Once friends, we normally continue the friendship regardless of the direction we attain during our path to success or failure. During reading this article I just mentally cross checked my list of best friends and was surprised to take a note that most of them are comfortable to be with. Only a few force me to lever myself up. In the future I will definitely be looking for these few to flourish in all the aspects of life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • HI Gaurav, not everyone need to audit them, if they are just being nice to be around keep them! The reason of the post is dedicated especially to youngsters, not so kind friends of theirs, the bullies….. Hopefully they know how to runaway from bad friends 🙂

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