8 Best Features Real-Time Stock Charts for Free

8 Best Features Real-Time Stock Charts for Free
Best Real-Time Stock Charts for Free

8 Best Features Real-Time Stock Charts for Free

TradingView is the only extremely comprehensive, 8 Best Features Real-Time Stock Charts for Free, Stock Charts, analysis REAL-TIME meter, free to use. It is very easy to use, nice interface, user-friendly.

Hassle-free (no need to download, no updates, no system requirement), auto-save, draw your own lines, you can chart easily on their platform.

The charts you drew, it will be saved once you sign in for free. Isn’t it awesome?

Let me show you what else can you do with Tradingview.

1. Worldclass Analysis Widgets

Advanced real-time chart zooming in and out

You can try it now, by scroll your mouse up and down to expand and shrink the chart below. Yes, it is real-time! If you do not have a scrolling mouse, you can try to click and drag. change the parameters that you want to see.


The advance technical analysis being integrated into a widget that can be displayed based on back end real like indicators. The good-looking, well-designed widgets allow you to study the charts and get the rating measure easily. There’s no rocket science, it is designed for all levels of investors. Feel free to roll over your mouse to the meter below, you can choose between the time intervals! Isn’t it amazing? Not to forget it is a free widget!


Good for Analysts, Economists and Financial advisors

  • No development
  • Cut & Paste pre-made code
  • Use TradingView data for free
  • Trend Analysis
  • Harmonic Patterns
  • Chart Patterns
  • Technical Indicators
  • Wave Analysis
  • Gann
  • Beyond Technical Analysis

2. Real-time market insights

8 Best Features Real-Time Stock Charts for Free
8 Best Features Real-Time Stock Charts for Free

Share ideas and get feedback

8 Best Features Real-Time Stock Charts for Free

Whether you are seasonal investors or amateur, you can see how other investors do their tradings and charts in the market, there are an enormous amount of users are using TradingView.

Ideas that you shared can be easily done in articles and videos. You can demonstrate your charting and share it here, twitter, your blogs even YouTube.

The numbers captured above, there are a total of 7,912,583 light and heavyweight investors, 4 million ideas shared and, 22 over millions of charts being created. You can easily do charting, trading in your unique way, and share it with the world.

8 Best Features Real-Time Stock Charts for Free

Broad market data coverage

TradingView is formed by professional commercial data feed and exclusively direct access to:

  • Forex / Currencies
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Future
  • Bonds
  • CFDs

You can get premium data on prices, volume, and history streamed directly from the US and international exchanges, even if you are only using the free version, you are getting more than enough of data.

  • 50 Exchanges and data feeds
  • Customizable time intervals
  • Fundamental and Global Economic Data
  • Economic Earnings Reminder on Calendars
  • Extended Trading Hours and Timezones options
  • Intuitive Earnings splits and dividends
  • Worldwide market, North America, Europe, the Middle East/Africa, Asia/Pacific, Mexico, and South America

Chart types

  • Candlesticks & Bars (Free to use)
  • Area & Line (Free to use)
  • Baseline (Free to use)
  • Hollow Candles
  • Heikin Ashi
  • Renko
  • Point-and-Figure
  • Line Break
  • Kagi

3. Customized platform look

TradingView is an advanced financial platform with cutting edge design, easy navigation, user-friendly interfaces, multi-purposes usage platform for all kinds of investors. Be it a beginner or professional, experienced investors, it fits them all.

User interface can be change to a dark color theme cater to your preference for free.

8 Best Features Real-Time Stock Charts for Free

Customize your favorite combination colors of charts:

  • Color themes (Free)
  • Custom chart colors (Free)
  • Custom font family (Free)
  • Custom colors for drawings and indicators
  • Custom colors for toolbars and panels
8 Best Features Real-Time Stock Charts for Free

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4. Customized Technical Analysis

There is some prebuilt technical analysis for users to use as a reference, most popular trading concepts and indicators of the market trend are almost covered. Some advanced investors would prefer to customize their studies and signals base on their long years of expertise.

TradingView includes Pine Script function, the pine programming language to enable customize edit of the studies. Pine script is designed to be easy-to-edit and change and to measure performance through Bar Replay or Backtesting Strategy.

  • 100+ default technical analysis
  • volume profile indicators
  • pine script
  • backtesting strategy
  • community technical analysis
  • indicators templates

Stock Screener

8 Best Features Real-Time Stock Charts for Free
8 Best Features Real-Time Stock Charts for Free

Like another charting website, the stock screener is essential. Other than Finviz.com offers free screeners, others like Morningstar, Gurufocus, we need to pay to use it. So far even I didn’t sign in to the Tradingview Free account, I am still able to screen the stocks.

There are full of data we can refer to. One date I am especially amazed at the number of employees. It is really good to know how many workers in one company. Other than that, market cap, stock volume, P/E ratio, EPS all are available to screen.

Stock Price Alerts and Watchlists

Immediate notifications will be buzzed when the right price you set got hit. You can set the price below, the price above, or price equals to your ideal price. You will get pop-ups, audio alert, you can also opt-in text message, and email alerts. All your alerts will be backed-up to the servers, make sure you get notified in time.

8 Best Features Real-Time Stock Charts for Free
  • Server-side alerts on price, indicators or drawings
  • Alert duration – 2 months for free users
  • Server-side screener alerts

5. Buy and Sell, Trading or Investing

Best Real-Time Stock Charts for Free

You can buy, sell, trade, invest but not GAMBLE. Safeguard your money before you learn how does investment in a particular instrument. Before using your real money to kick off your investing journey, I recommend you to try practice with virtual paper money, which is the fake amount of money.

Trading view created simulated paper money trading services for you to practice before you are confident in the market. You can practice until you can really make money, only dive into the sea.

You can place an order in TradingView by opening a trading account with the supported brokers that are connected to TradingView. Options of trading:

  • Trade through selected brokers
  • Simulated (paper) trading
  • Chart trading

Supported Brokers:

  • Broker has full control
  • web-based live trade
  • mobile app live trade

6. Featured in

Best Real-Time Stock Charts for Free

7. Basic, Pro, Pro+, and Premium Plan

Free / Basic version

FunctionsBasic Plan (FREE)
Indicators100+ prebuilt most popular indicators
100K+ community-powered indicatorsAlerts
AlertsServer-side alerts on price, indicators or drawings x 1 unit
Alert durations – last for 2 months
Server-side screener alerts x 1 unit
AlgorithmsPine Script
Backtesting for trading strategies
ScreenerLimited functions
DataFinancials data on charts – Anual 5 years / Quarterly 2 years, Global economic data, Financials (fundamental stock data), Extended trading hours
SocialPublish private or public Ideas and watch video ideas
TradingTrade through selected brokers, Simulated (Paper) Trading, Chart Trading
OtherEconomic and earnings calendars, Hotlists, Text notes
SupportMinimum. Full support goes to paid plan.

8. System Support

Unfortunately customer support is not for FREE users.

Questions related articles can be found at the Help Centre. The useful help are shared by the community and TradingView Admin.

Real-Time Stock Charts Free

9. Bonus – Educational Videos

Finance and economic related topics videos. Some are free, exclusive videos is chargeable.

10. Which one I am using

I am using the Free version which is good enough. For trading stocks, I use TDAmeritrade to trade and use TradingView to chart and for news updates.

It is available on desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablets, real-time information and market insights are delivering to you right away.

Get your FREE version here now!

11. Tutorial on Youtube

If you are unsure how to do charting in TradingView, this is the tutorial. 🙂

What do you think about the 8 Best Features Real-Time Stock Charts for Free? Feel free to leave me some comments down below. I’ll be happy to assist you!

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FREE - 59.95 (Premium) /month

Free Functions


User Interface


Type of charts


Real-time tools





  • Free to use basic functions
  • Various Charting Styles
  • Social Networking
  • Live data
  • Paper money trade


  • No Options trading
  • Limited Trading Partners


  1. You say here that one of the downsides of using this platform is that it has limited trading partners and I don’t think that’s even a downside because from what is here, I understand that it is pretty easy for me to use my favourite forex and see how I chart. Now that’s a very good thing. Gladly, I can easily check out how the platform works by first using it for free just for a test run for 30 days. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on this. Cheers!

    • yes 30 days trial for fully access function is a good idea, or else you can also remain using their free version, i personally think is sufficient enough, unless you need it. 🙂

  2. I love how you’ve exposed me to the TradingView. I have come across it somewhere before as a good trading platform but I never knew it has so much interesting features. I will like to try harmonic patterns and technical indicators with it since I am a forex trader.

    I highly appreciate the sufficient detail you’ve given about this useful finance tool. Cheers!

  3. Wow, this is really impressing. There are so many small business idealist out there who have been trying all effort to make out something meaningful form their idea, but isn’t going well as they wish. This is simply because they lack the opportunity to share with like minded people or even those in better position in terms of experience in such thing. However getting on this program would be a very nice way to deal with that problem as they are exposed to sharing their chart on the social platform with other people. Personally i see this as a means of helping people with similar idea grow. Thanks for sharing this amazing post.

  4. Thank you very much for sharing this and honestly I must confess that it came very timely when I really need it. I have a group of friends and we are looking to dive into the world of trading as a side hustle but we are looking for good resources and tools. This one looks a very good one for the job right now. Thank you  for sharing.

    • Good to hear. This online trading chart platform is easy to start. Do read more about the company news before you invest in them. All the best!

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