About me

Hi there!  Dasilverlining is here to share with you how to be live a happy life, and bring the like-minded people to achieve life goals.

Dasilverlining.com will share positive quotes, motivational ideas, and constructive content and handling personal finance. I want to help more people to do the things they like, and live a happy life.

We deserve to do the things we love to do in our lifetime, with our loved ones in this limited lifetime. Agree?


Who am I?

I work for people for many years and now I decided to take a leap of faith and believe in WORKING HARD for myself.

Like everyone, I have gone through setbacks, retrenchment, the despair of losing a job, restart again in a new job, and the rat race cycle goes around and around again.

My 18 years working experience as below:

  • worked for people – graphic designer, account executive, motion graphics designer.
  • multi-level marketing business, (direct-selling, gold coins, consumer products)
  • eBay dropshipping
  • online necklace business


New chapter begins all time

Despite the lessons learned from the not suitable careers I pursued, I am able to discover some good stuff.

I will share about online businesses, investments, and self-improvements skills that help me from time to time.

The most important thing is to find out what kind of life suits us best. We will realize not all courses, jobs and investment activities match our interests and personalities.

There is no other way but to keep trying out as many opportunities to know more of our interest, our emotions threshold, patience.

Eventually, we will find out who we are, and what we like, and live a life we want.

My mission here is to learn as much as possible, as fast as possible to HELP you and help myself to keep learning and exploring new opportunities to be able to live an ideal life that we quench.


Keep searching for self-improvements. You are enough to start to live a good life.


Sincerely yours,

– Yongli

Founder of Dasilverlining.com



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