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How to create a logo for your business online? Thankfully we have Canva now that I am going to tell you more about this free logo design online website, and not only that. Canva can help us to do more than that for FREE.


For lazy designers like me. For people have no design background

As a designer, I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop every day,  have to pay to maintain the license.

I find using Canva or Canva App on phone, it is rather convenient because I can design some simple and fast posts for my website and Instagram.


1. Social media users, Bloggers, Designer, Influencers, Students, Business.

If you are a blogger or influencer, the template sizes you can choose base on the social media that you want to post. Sizes are design for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, etc.

Easy tools you can use without downloading any software, the tools and interface are build-in on their Canva website, and Drag-and-drop functions are available.

Thousands of modern, sleek, contemporary design templates for you to choose, and even the FREE version is good enough for me.


2. Ready To Use Templates

Ready to use template design for Social Media, Ad, Events, Marketing, Education, Personal, Business, Documents. Including templates for Social Media posts, Marketing collateral, posters, name cards, flyer, presentation slides, postcard, Cover page, Magazine cover, book cover, invitation card.


Free Logo Design Online



3. Easy Tools

Free Logo Design Online

  • Animated Social Media post (NEW)
  • Image cropping
  • Adding text to free images / your photos
  • Image montage, transparency, straightening and enhancing
  • Photos frames
  • Speech bubbles
  • 8,000 Templates
  • Vignette
  • Stickers
  • Badges
  • Add Texture



4. Support – Extra Values

Blogs and tutorials

  • Design Inspiration
  • Branding ideas
  • Font study
  • Color study

Video courses

  • Graphic Design Basics
  • Branding your business
  • Presentations to impress
  • Canva for beginners
  • Creativity



5. Do they provide the PRO version?

Yes. Canva Pro and Canva Enterprise.

a. FREE Canva include:

  • Two folders to organize designs
  • 1GB storage for photos and assets
  • Access to over 8,000 templates
  • Upload your images
  • Access millions of photos starting at $1 each

b. Canva Pro includes all above and:

It will cost $12.95 per month for each person.

  • Unlimited backups
  • Team functionalities
  • Unlimited storage
  • Access millions of photos starting at $1 each
  • Exclusive access to 400,000 free photos, illustrations, and templates
  • Magically resize your designs
  • Upload custom fonts
  • Set color palettes
  • Save templates
  • Organize photos with folders
  • Easily find designs with search
  • Resize designs into custom dimensions
  • Download transparent de
  • Export designs as animated GIFs (NEW)
  • Priority support

c. Canva Enterprise includes all above and:

The Canva Enterprise has no price yet, it permits 30 users. This option is good for businesses or organizations with a lot of staff.

  • Team administrative controls
  • Team Pricing Plans
  • Onboarding Incentives
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 99.9% uptime SLA


Like it?

No complaint from me since it is a FREE online design tool, I can use them while I am traveling around.

Let me know what do you think, and maybe you have a better experience and created something awesome to share! Leave me some comments below!



0.00 - 12.95



Template design choices


Interface design




Back up



  • Canva makes design fast and easy to use
  • Users able to download your artworks
  • Paid exclusive graphic elements and images as low as $1 (pay as you use, no plan needed)
  • Good for no design skill users
  • Desktop and mobile app version available


  • Times when not all are saved properly
  • Must use the internet to access the website to use
  • delay in processing the changes efficiently
  • speed depending on internet speed


  1. Very informative review and thank you for reviewing Canva along the line. I am a big user of Canva in almost all my works and I must say their free logo designer feature is the best on the internet.

    Every online business needs a face, a website, and an eye which is a logo. You can pay someone to do if or buy an already me free commercial ones. All in all, we need a logo. The best way to get it for free is sites like Canva and you have done a great job explaining how to do so. 

    I will surely bookmark this page for your next upcoming wonder, 


  • I love the way you’ve exposed great functionalities of Canva in your article, especially the free version. You see, I’ve know Canva before but I did not know some of the features you mentioned in your post. I did not even know they have video tutorials and blogs. Now that you’ve made me know I am willing to use Canva more than I have been using it before. It’s really educative post you have here. Many thanks.

    • HI Lawal, same goes to me, I used Canva App before, only recently I discovered that we can do so much more in Canva website. Therefore I thought I must share it here for more people to know and be benefited from it!

  • It seems to be an incredible coincidence that I just stumbled across your post here today because just yesterday someone told me on side feedback that I should look into having my own specific logo, but the thing is I do have a logo of sorts on my website, it’s the name of my niche written across the top of the site, however, the person giving me the feedback was saying I need a logo as well as the name, the fact that I have just come across your post here has convinced me to design one, it’s like a kind of fortunate message, thank you for sharing. 

    • haha good to know!! It comes in time for you! It is FREE, just make full use of it. Feel free to ask me questions if you unsure. 

  • Wow, just perfect for me. I am not so vast in designing and sometimes I have to pay some freelancers on fiverr to get me something good. With this, I’d be able to make my own free logo design online for free without paying anyone. I like that there’s a video course too that I can use to learn. I must appreciate you for sharing this because you might have saved me a whole lot that’s going to freelancers. Thanks!

    • Hi Henderson, yes you are right! Sometimes communicating to freelancers can be hectic too. With Canva, you can have more control of what kind of design and look you preferred. Just take some time to get familiarize to the tools, you will be able to apply design easily to your business collateral. 

  • I have never thought of making a logo for my business before surprisingly. There have been cases where my friends complain of not having a good logo made for them or even the ones that have wasted quite a lot of money trying to make a good one and still not arriving at it. By what I have seen here, I love the wide range of tools to use in process of making these ads. Having a wide range of choice have been one effective means of getting a desired result, and seeing Canva have it makes me really glad. I’ll love to introduce this to them.

    • Glad that Canva can help you with your business! Feel free to explore more on Canva, it definitely can help to beautify your brand and business in the long run. 🙂

  • Thanks for this tool. It is exactly what I need right now, since I am looking for a logo for my personnal blog and simple tool like this is just what I’m after.

    Unfortunately to get rid of the watermarks, you still have to pay some money, so I’m still in the decision proccess and will look into other sites as well. Or maybe learn and design something myself. ):

    For a larger company I guess the only way is to hire a professional designer, template sites like this are no good to them.

    • I agree. For a big company, you can subscribe to Canva, and buy more unique logo so that you can have more control to amend and change them into something that you can use for long term. Hire a professional is definitely better choice. Canva is good for easy-to-use platform like a blog logo, pamphlet, simple cover and so on. So when you have your logo done, you can use Canva as adaptation to other materials too.

  • This is something valuable that I need to know about. I’ve not started to use Canva, but I will definitely start. I never imagined that it has these much features and possibilities.

    I’m not too much of a graphics person. I used basic paints and CorelDraw, but since Canva appears to be simple to use, it will be a great idea using it. Thanks.

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