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Kanwal Sarai, the founder of Simply Investing has shared a lot of FREE knowledge for users.

This is what you can learn from Kanwal here: How To Do Value Investing 12 Useful Rules.

If Warren Buffet can create passive income using this way, we can learn the way that he does and make money too.

NOTE: In a safe way.

Isn’t it risky investing in the stock market? Not really, if we learn before investing in the stock market. Investing really can be simple.

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How To Do Value Investing 12 Useful Rules:

  1. Do you understand the product or service offered by the company?
  2. Are people using this product or service in 20 years?
  3. Does the company have a low-cost durable (lasting) competitive advantage?
  4. Is the company recession-proof?
  5. Has the company had consistent earnings growth? EPS growth should be at least 8%
  6. Has the company had consistent dividend growth? Dividend growth should be at least 8%
  7. Does the company have a low payout ratio? The payout ratio must be 75% or less.
  8. Does the company have low debt? The debt must be 70% or less.
  9. Does the company have a good credit rating?
  10. Does the company actively buy back its shares?
  11. Diversify your portfolio
  12. Is the stock undervalued?
  •      The P/E Ratio must be 25 or below.
  •      Is the dividend yield higher than the average dividend yield?
  •      The P/B Ratio should be 3 or less.12


Who is Kanwal Sarai? 

He is able to help us create good passive income from the stock market. From 8 years to 65 years old, his course has taught people in over 20 countries how to create their own stream of growing passive income by investing in dividend stocks.

A dedicated investing educator, he helps the students learn exactly what they need to succeed in dividend investing. Simple, clear and concise investing education produces the best results.


Are you looking to get started with investing? In the Simply Investing online courseKanwal Sarai covers the 12 Rules in greater detail and show you how to obtain the values you need in order to apply the 12 Rules, and become a successful investor.

The 12 Rules of Simply Investing are time tested and designed to keep you from making mistakes, investing really can be this simple!

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