Long-Tail Keywords Researcher Pro Review

As many people are wondering is this a good keywords tool to use? Let’s check out more on Long-Tail Keywords Researcher Pro Review here.

1. Introduction

Keywords Research is very important homework to do for our website content, to be ranked on the first page on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Without proper research on keywords and proper setup of SEO of our website, our content will not be found, a big market will be missed big time.

Product: Keyword Researcher Pro
Owner: Clever gizmos
Price: $37 per user / $47 for 3 users
Rating : 3 out of 5

2. How does Keywords Researcher work?

Long-Tail Keywords Researcher Pro Review

#Selling point 01: Go after hidden Long Tails with lower competition.

Keywords Researcher targeting a specific market group of people by shorting long-tail keywords from the supported search engines. It tracks monthly traffic and displays the suggested biding price of each keyword.

#Selling point 02: Gauge market interest about a new niche.

Long-Tail Keywords Researcher Pro Review

They focus on and emphasize targeting more specialized, unique topics.

Instead of searching as most people will do, for example, “New Smartphone”, the search engine will give you a whole long list, anything about “New Smartphone”. You can do this is Keywords Researcher instead:

  • Are people asking questions about this product?
    Search as: What is the * new smartphone?
  • Any related product?
    Search as: * for a new smartphone
  • Product Function
    Search: New Smartphone for *

*Keyword Researcher will replace the asterisk (*) with every letter of the alphabet after the platform stop searching, and display 100’s of keywords suggestions.

More Features:

Long-Tail Keywords Researcher Pro Review
  1. Keyword Researcher can screen through Google, Amazon, and YouTube for Long Tail Keywords.
  2. Optimized your content by using Keyword Researcher, insert long-tail keywords from the list you found
  3. Side-by-side HTML code and content
  4. Categories keywords by topics
  5. Filtering bad longtail keywords
  6. Deep dive into the advanced function for good and making sense keywords
  7. Categories keyword lists in different colors
  8. Color indications of keywords usage. Green is a complete keywording, orange is particularly used, black will be our content without keywords.
  9. Word tag for easy keywords search
  10. Import CSV file from Google Keyword Planner – drag-and-drop
  11. Import text files and Microsoft Excel XLS files
  12. Export format – CSV, XLS, WordPress XML file

3. My thoughts on Keywords Researcher

The first impression of looking at the interface, I was quite overwhelmed by the “technical” looking platform. It is like a running code machine. After study more of how to use the platform, I find this is suitable for marketers that handle more than a company or a website, they probably need an abundance of keywords for different clients that have a similar niche.

Secondly, I don’t use more than a long-tail keyword in a post. If you are writers that like to stuff in more than one, this Keywords Researcher will be good for you. The platform ensures all the keywords are being inserted into your post. Side by side HTML coding and content display, if you are a coding writer, this is definitely created for you.

Long-Tail Keywords Researcher Pro Review

4. What others think about Keywords Researcher

The official website has a long list of famous internet marketers who recommended this Keywords Researcher. I tried googled Pat Flynn, but I couldn’t find any other sources that have the same quoted info that says the same. Hence, the accuracy of the testimonials from the website has to be further verified.

Long-Tail Keywords Researcher Pro Review

5. Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • No monthly/yearly recurring payment, one time off cost
  • Lifetime upgrades
  • Organic traffic
  • 30 days refund policy
  • License is transferable from one computer to another

The Cons

  • Keyword Researcher DOES NOT run on a Mac yet (check on the update)
  • It is easier to use for tech-savvy people, not to a beginner
  • Interface looks technical
  • Tutorials to learn before using

6. Conclusion

Keyword Researcher will be good for advanced users, in my opinion, those who know EXACTLY of their online business marketing strategy and a bundle of keywords lists, cater for a huge pool of clientele’s websites. Especially if marketers receiving the same industry of websites that might share a similar niche, using similar keywords, both or more companies will be fighting on the ranking by using similar keywords. To avoid the repetition of keywords, this Keyword Researcher will be a good tool to use.

For advanced SEO specialist or content creator, Keyword Researcher is good to use when you need to use as many long-tail keywords as you need, to categorize, to insert by HTML mode, and to handle more than a website.

7. Where to Buy Keywords Researcher

Big NOTE: Keyword Researcher DOES NOT run on a Mac.

$37.00 – 1 Computer License
$47.00 – 3 Computers simultaneously

One-time payment
No recurring monthly fees
All upgrades are free
Bonus 1: 4 Video SEO Classes
Bonus 2: 3 Internet Marketer Interviews
Bonus 3: 17 Keyword Lists – Highest-paying niches on Google
Top 5,000 Insurance KeywordsTop 2,500 Software Keywords
Top 5,000 Loan & Mortgage KeywordsTop 3,000 Stocks Keywords
Top 5,000 Attorney & Lawyer KeywordsTop 5,000 Camera Keywords
Top 3,000 Donate KeywordsTop 2,000 Claim Keywords
Top 4,000 Degree & Certificate KeywordsTop 5,000 Diet Keywords
Top 3,000 Hosting KeywordsTop 5,000 Recipe Keywords
Top 5,000 Exercise KeywordsTop 2,500 Logo Design Keywords
Top 2,000 Recovery KeywordsTop 2,000 Teleconferencing Keywords
Top 1,000 City Keywords 

After reading my review, if you find this is good for your online business, you can click here to purchase.

If you prefer simpler and easier to use, keyword research tools can be easily pick up by beginners, alternatively, you can check out this Jaaxy keyword research tool. I am using it on my website, I find it easy to understand and less complicated. If you are keen, don’t forget to check it below!

What do you think about Long-Tail Keywords Researcher Pro? Leave me some comments below and let me know your thoughts!

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Keywords Researcher Pro










Recommendation Rate



  • No monthly/yearly recurring payment, one time off cost
  • Lifetime upgrades
  • 30 days refund policy
  • License is transferable from one computer to another


  • Does not run on a Mac yet
  • Simple interface with lot of data

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