Super Affiliate System PRO or Wealthy Affiliate?

Super Affiliate System PRO or Wealthy Affiliate University

Super Affiliate System PRO or Wealthy Affiliate?

As promised in my previous post, “Is John Crestani a scammer“, I will create a post to put two courses side by side, to have a comparison. The left side would be Super Affiliate System PRO, the right side would be the Wealthy Affiliate Course.

Choose Super Affiliate System PRO or Wealthy Affiliate University? Read through the specific items carefully and see which one suits your learning style better!

Super Affiliate System PRO or Wealthy Affiliate University
Super Affiliate System PRO or Wealthy Affiliate University

Course Outlines

  • SAS
  • Developing the Entrepreneur Mindset – exercises helps overcome obstacles fear, join at least 10 recommended affiliate programs
  • Choosing Your Niche and Offers – Identify niche topic on 7 high commission networks
  • Creating Ad Campaigns and Structure – Adwords, YouTube, Facebook, Bing, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Developing Effective Copywriting – Create profitable ads
  • Weekly Webinars – Live monthly with Crestani, marketing updates
  • Scaling and Automation – Survey Funnels, media buyers, scaling from 1 to 20K, case study
  • WA
  • Designed for Affiliate Marketers Of All Levels
  • Building an organic traffic website
  • Transform your niche into profits
  • Mastering Social Engagement in Social Media
  • Proven Strategies to Attract Loads of Traffic.
  • The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation
  • Weekly Webinar – Live with Jay, over 10 years affiliate marketer and coach
  • Scaling by hiring writers, using AdSense, email marketing, CPC, and Youtube Marketing


  • SAS
  • 42 information videos,
  • 34 Show-Me-How videos
  • The step-by-step tutorial takes about 6 weeks to complete with over 50 hours of pre-recorded training
  • WA
  • Core Certification Course – 50 lessons
  • WA Affiliate Bootcamp 70 lessons
  • Integrated training video help by experts

Free Trial

SASFree training to start

How to Earn a 6-Figure Side-Income Online Video

The availability of the webinar time slot will show up, put in your name, email, contact number and you will be registered. There will be a walkthrough video by John Crestani about what you will learn from the Super Affiliate System PRO course.

 WAFirst 10 free lessons outlines

  1. Build your niche website
  2. Create a list of new goals
  3. Choose your niche for your business
  4. Learn to optimize your website using WordPress
  5. Quickly and easily search for longtail keyword
  6. How to create SEO content
  7. Discover the process of earning revenue online
  8. Gain instant access to over 590,000 niches
  9. Join into the community
  10. Understanding the keyword research process – Free 30 search results
  • 1 free domain name (siteRubix) and hosting
  • 7 days total access to the platform

Module update

  • SAS
  • Some modules from JetSet and IMjetset brought over to rebranded SAS. Not all are updated as soon as possible. Some users said content can be obsoleted.
  • WA
  • The system and platform are updated. Some tutorial videos still showing the old interface of the platform. It causes confusion following step-by-step.

 Course Included Tools

  • SAS
  • Buyers Data
  • Ad Templates
  • Presell Landing Pages
  • VIP Pass to Affiliate Networks
  • Super Affiliate Community
  • Weekly Live Coaching Sessions
  • Interactive coaching by Crestani selected coaches
  • Course Affiliate Program
  • WA
  • Build-in Site builder
  • Website Hosting
  • Free 1x SiteRubix Domain (
  • Jaaxy Keywords Research Tool Lite
  • Custom Business Email Address
  • Website Comment & Feedback Platform
  • Host up to 10 websites (30GB)
  • Weekly Live Coaching Sessions
  • WA Community
  • Live chat 24/7 help
  • 24/7 Site support
  • Private Messaging
  • Course Affiliate Program


  • SAS
  • $997 one-time-off
  • 3x split-pay option available
  • WA
  • $49 per month,
  • $359 Yearly Subscription ($29.91/month, Premium full access)

Possible Additional Costs

  • SAS
  • domain names
  • hostings
  • autoresponder
  • motivation upsell (optional)
  • keyword tool (optional)
  • click funnel tool (optional)
  • WA
  • domain names
  • autoresponder (optional)
  • keyword tool upgrade (optional)

Reaching out

  • SAS
  • Free coaching calls are too crowded
  • Calls priorities
  • Limited of experts
  • WA
  • Networking platform
  • Reach out to anyone
  • Founders are harder to reach as too many people trying to, but they will reply
  • Many experienced marketers create extra training
  • Blogs are shared by members about despair, success stories and progress update

Marketing Strategy

  • SAS
  • Free and Paid Traffic methods
  • SEO
  • keywords
  • Gain $1,000+ in Ads credit, free traffic for you
  • WA
  • Organic traffic from social media
  • Pay ad (optional)
  • SEO
  • keywords

Keyword Tool

  • SAS
  • Long-tail Platinum Keyword Research tool


  • SAS
  • Pre-Recorded Webinar
  • WA
  • Jay weekly live webinar
  • Jay’s World Class Q&A session
  • NinJay tricks
Super Affiliate System PRO or Wealthy Affiliate University

Super Affiliate System PRO or Wealthy Affiliate University

What do you think? Super Affiliate System PRO or Wealthy Affiliate University?

Which one suits you more? There are no good or bad courses, it is more of which teaching style do you prefer?

Pick wisely and pour your heart into it, and create a longterm online business career, that is the most important goal for you. Spend your limited time and money wisely!

Do leave me some comments to share your experience here, so that more people can learn from it!

To know more about what is affiliate marketing, do check out my other post here. To know what do you need to start an online business, you can read more here!

How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing?


  1. Hi there, I just visited your site and found your two comparison reviews very informative. I really appreciate how you presented the comparison of wealthy affiliate with the super affiliate system pro. That was brilliantly done in the sense, that there wasn’t information overload, instead of in a very simple and concise format you presented two comparisons of two great platforms for your audience to choose from.

    I think that where any smart shopper will compare critically apart from the course delivery, will be on the cost. because if Super Affiliate System Pro charges a one time fee of $997 time off, I think that needs proper clarification, is that for a lifetime, or how? If compared to the  WA charge of $359/y, I think some people will need further clarification on this aspect of cost. 

    But overall, this is very simple and covers the relevant information needed.


    • Yes, Favorme, that’s the thing, SAS doesn’t really state is $997 is for a lifetime. From time to time Crestani and his team will come out new rebranded courses, it used to be, IMjetset course, and then Super Affiliate System, and now Super Affiliate System PRO. I assume each version has new content and module, I assume we need to repurchase in order to get the latest update. Possibly you get it at a cheaper price if you are already a member of his previous course.

  2. Personally I have been thinking about this super affiliate system pro and wealthy affiliate which is better but I haven’t come to a conclusion yet because they both seem nice to me….. But with  this wonderful information you have given i would go for wealthy affiliate although super affiliate seems nice too but wealthy affilate suits me more i prefer their teaching style. 

  3. hellloo dear, what an amazing post you have here, i was actually doing some research online when i saw your post, it really has been wonderful, i must say wealthy affiliate is an amazing website, i will always choice them any were any time, i a really gratefull with such an amazing post you have shared with us so far, your site really is full of such an amazing post, i must say i have been saving each of your pages to learn alt from these article, it really has been an interesting content, cant wait to show my fiends, ill surely share your contents on my social media page

    • Hi Skuchmane, thanks for sharing them with more people. Sincerely hope that the information can help more readers 🙂

  4. Hello there thanks for the review it was really helpful. Well it is such a great idea for you to make comparison on these two platform. As a WA member I can tell you that there are a lot of benefit to gain from joining the platform as it gives room a lot of great opportunities. But then Super Affiliate is still one legit platform and judging from your it is not a bad idea to try it out.

    • Not bad at all, most importantly is to find a course that suits our learning style, how fast do you want to see the result, and how much budget do you set aside. This post can definitely help more people to make a better decision on the hard earn money.

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