The 8 Most Googled Topics in 2018

What is The Most Googled Topics in 2018

The 8 Most Googled Topics in 2018 cos Google Trend shown the world more people searched for good things, topics, people, incidents, celebrations, success, babies born, singing, slamming dunk, skydiving on and on and on.

I feel amazing when people search for more good and positive content in 2018. I hope you enjoy the same 🙂

2019 is coming towards the end, have you completed your 2019 resolution? If not, are you going to set a new year resolution soon for 2020? I will share some of my 2020 resolution here. Perhaps it will give you some ideas!

I thought… this is another year that is not easy for everyone. It makes me wonder what is the trend now and I watch this video again, and it makes me want to share.

Here’s are the good that people googled, it sums up in a video below:

The 8 Most Googled Topics in 2018

This is a miracle rescue, all 13 members of the soccer team are out of the cave…

He turns into a superhero, set on feeding as many homeless people as possible…

Let the music play!

“However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. Where there’s life, there’s hope.” – Stephen Hawking

“They have dreams; they have aspirations. They have everything that they can get to whatever they want to get to in life, they just want to know that someone cared.” –  LeBron James

We got love for you, it’s only right, we gotta stick together…

Life is good. The world is filled with people doing the best the can, who love their kids and would like to live their lives with a little dignity and hope just like everybody else…

Good things are worth searching for.

Do you like The 8 Most Googled Topics in 2018? Happy things!

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What do you think? Are you being touch by the video? Well I do, and I am looking forward to what is coming on the last day of 2019, hopefully, most searched will be as positive as 2018!

Leave me some happy comments, tell me anything special in 2018, and 2019!

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