Weebly, The Wix.com BEST Alternative

Weebly The Wix.com Alternative

Most people know Wix.com and the easiest way for me to explain what is Weebly website builder all about is to mention Wix.com. But if you are a Wix hater, Wix.com doesn’t work for you, and you really like drag-and-drop functions to create a website of your own.

Weebly, The Wix.com BEST Alternative.

Weebly works similarly to Wix.com and it consists of even more marketing supports. The recent acquisition by SQUARE has Weebly a boost on its coming service and payment system. More e-commerce business owners are coming up soon.

Whether you are an individual or a team unit, Weebly provides comprehensive business operation and marketing tools to ensure business owner has an all-in-one stop, to manage our online business easily. Included inventory management and shipping integration.

The next best things:

  1. Weebly show you detailed traffic and sales analytics reports. Monitor consumer behaviors to alter your business strategy. The integration of Google Analytics is available!
  2. You can edit your website OFFLINE! Most web builders need to be online in order to create, amend, and submit. Weebly allows you to work offline and save, sync again when you get to online again, this is extremely useful when you are on the flight or any secluded areas. You can easily pick up where you previously halfway left on.
Weebly The Wix.com Alternative

1. Who is “Weebly website builder”?

It started from a web hosting company, headquartered in San Francisco. Up to 2018, Weebly had more than 2,000 paid sign-up subscribers. The same year, Square announced it would acquire Weebly for approximately $365 million in cash and stock.

Weebly mainly focuses on the website builder and online store (e-commerce). They are known and being position as a simple drag and drop widgets or functions based web builder that runs in HTML5 and can be easily used in any of the web browsers.

All the websites are automatically build to fit into the mobile web. Storage for websites is unlimited. Domain names that can various choice for users.

Weebly created a mobile app too (apple and android) for business owners to monitor sales and website traffic, amend blogs, and replying comments on their website. This is also to ensure e-commerce activities can be done everywhere conveniently.

Powerful eCommerce, all in one place.

2. The Edit function

Weebly The Wix.com Alternative

If you are previously a Wix user, you know Wix editor can be easily used but not flexible to edit and customize according to your own preferences due to the predetermined interface structure.

Comparably, Weebly gives you more flexibility on positioning and feasibility to move the widget around in customized sizes and forms. Drag-and-drop is the user experience that Weebly created for non-tech savvy people to use.

In short, Wix is easy but slightly fixated, whereby Weebly is easy and flexible.

What is the best, is when you make changes on your website, the mobile version of your website will be automatically adjusted accordingly. You don’t have one more thing to worry about.

3. Designer looking, elements for the non-tech-savvies

The widgets that we called elements in Weebly is properly design and engineered by the programmers, to test run many times to ensure zero HTML, code reading activities involved, to reach maximum control of the drag-and-drop functions. If you are the one who has zero knowledge of HTML and coding, this drag-and-drop function would be a powerful tool for you.

Weebly The Wix.com Alternative

Elements work on all media like images, galleries, videos, and maps. Adding, removing, adjusting, and moving around all can be done in real-time with an internet connection. No extra installations needed in your computer or browsers. Image editor helps you to edit your image inside the Weeber too.

4. Thoughtful theme design

Weebly offers a variety of themes designs that completely build-in with the usage of Weebly elements, it can cater to all kinds of businesses. For instance, informative blogs, food and beverages theme, shopping cart theme, services, and more. Don’t worry! There are more designs to come, and being implemented with Weebly web builder elements for your business use. Each theme is customizable.

Weebly The Wix.com Alternative

Weebly - Websites, eCommerce & Marketing in one place.

5. What else you can do with Weebly?

Weebly annual sign-up plan comes with a free customized domain name and free hosting for a year. You can save your time from looking for a domain name and a hosting company elsewhere.


  • Sales and Traffic tracking – Weebly tracking tool or integrate with Google Analytics tool
  • Marketing features – Newsletter, email marketing (with Weebly domain)
  • Payments – Paypal, Stripe, Square, and Authorize.net (e-commerce plan only)
  • Mobile App – Bring Weebly with you in your smartphone
  • SEO – SEO tools to help on website traffic
  • Languages Support – English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Turkish.

6. E-commerce most concerns

a. Shopping Cart & Secure Checkout

Weebly elements designed to be immediate, responsive, and designer experience website builder, nothing too advance, the support, and help the community is there to help whenever you shout. Simple tools can create a professional-looking website for your brand.

For an e-commerce website, Weebly integrated shopping cart with a secure checkout system for customers to transact with ease. Shopping cart and check outcomes together with any e-commerce theme, no coding needed.

b. Inventory tracking

What are the most concerned issues of an e-commerce business owner? For me, inventory tracking. Handling thousands or hundreds of kinds of products can be a big issue for a business owner. Weebly features enable you to track your stocks, manage your supply, and calculate the remaining stocks alert. Buyers will be able to see and not able to add to the cart if the stocks are running low.

c. Categories filter search

The theme can easily filter based on individual preference to search what they prefer to see and buy. Functions are build-in with any of the e-commerce themes in Weebly. Filtering can be based on colors, prices, latest products, and even sizes.

7. Extra values Weebly provides?

  • Photo Studio – You can engage Weebly to take product pictures for you to put on your webpage. Soft copies will be uploaded for you to download. Lighting, angels and the layout will be quality controlled by Weebly experienced photographers.
  • Marketing – Digital marketing services is there for you, it’s an additional service to help with your business awareness.
  • Mobile App – Weebly has an App for you to take care of your website on-the-go

8. Why Weebly The Wix.com Alternative

Weebly The Wix.com Alternative
  • Blog Section– users shares experience on Weebly
  • Success Stories Section – Some stories to motivate new users
  • Developer Docs Section – For business owners that only focus on Mobile app development, there are supports only focus on this
  • Support Center Section – Support is provided for technical issues, especially hosting issues, connection, speed, and even payments
  • Community Section – Users will get more help from the community can get access to more experienced users to learn from each other and get help

9. Reviews from users

10. My Verdict

If you are a Wix.com user and no problem using it, don’t swap. I totally understand it takes a long time to build an online business and a fully functional website.

BUT if you find Wix.com can’t fulfill your needs in website creating flexibility, you can consider switching to Weebly. It is definitely a perfect alternative to Wix.com.

If you really think drag-and-drop is what you looking for, this is like a double-tap kind of easy. Eventually, Weebly service will improve furthermore, to also to serve the current and coming SQUARE customers better. Consumers always the winner when comes to competitions. 🙂

11. Price

Get Compare Weebly Plans Here

Weebly The Wix.com Alternative

Weebly - Websites, eCommerce & Marketing in one place.

Have you tried using Wix or Weebly before? Do you agree with Weebly, The Wix.com BEST Alternative? Please do not hesitate to share your experience here, to help more users to pick what is essential to build a good website.

Do you want to start an online business and having your own brand?

You can sign-up Weebly here.

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Offline Edit



  • Lot of easy features
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Sales and Traffic Tracking
  • Offline Edit
  • Weebly community help


  • Template design not as many as WIX
  • Too many services can be overwhelmed
  • The more functions the more upsell offering

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