What are the 5 Good Money Mindsets?

What is the right Money Mindset?

What are the 5 Good Money Mindsets? Mostly are people more familiar with the words “money-minded”, but when we talk about money-minded means we care about money so much, to the extent of everything in our life is about money and money come first.

Be it to be frugal, thrifty, to make money or even a penny. So what is the right money mindset? What is the right way of perceiving money-making, and a good money mindset?

1. Why is money so hard to earn?

Ordinary people think money is so hard to make, it is so difficult to work for people, selling our limited lifetime to employers, and solve problems for the company.

It’s true, this is not easy when we have to work with other people, not the only decision-maker in the working environment, we have to deal with emotions from different individuals, company profits so on and on. When we carry on to this direction of making money, yes it is never too easy.

On the other hand, some of us might think making money is not too hard. I came across this idea not long ago, once we can break down the numbers, it does look more achievable.

2. What is a Good Money Mindset?

Now, if you only need to look for ways to make $70 (round up amount) a day, regardless of the methods, do you think it is easier to do that now? Some of us spend 10 to 13 hours per day in the office working for an employer, we might not able to make more than $70, and why are we still working for others?

There are a lot of things we can find that makes us money, be it an active income or passive income. Just to make sure we are having more than an income source.

Active income examples:

  1. Help walking you neighborhood dogs
  2. Trimming grasses services
  3. Cleaning services
  4. Car wash
  5. Gardening
  6. Running Errands

Passive income examples:

  1. Selling stock images and videos online
  2. Online digital services
  3. Stock dividends/Stock investments
  4. High-interest return from investment/bank/retirement funds
  5. Business investments
  6. Rental Income

3. Is money only for the rich?

Having the right mentality is the most important mindset, to begin with. If we are keep thinking money is not for us, money is for the smart, money is for the rich people, our mind will not signal the right things to do, to look for ways to make money come to us easily. The way of how we think, it matters on what are we going to do next.

Whereby if we start rewiring our thoughts, to change our usual thinking to something we are unfamiliar with, to adapt the idea, to research, to ask more questions, and more unknown answers will come to you.

Trust me, when you start asking the surrounding people how do you make money other than working for people? Do you make passive income, and how to? People will start pouring new ideas to you, and your mind will start receiving new ideas, new terms that you never heard before, and you can put them into your dictionary and start to google it, and see how does it able to help you on your passive income journey.

Money is not only for the rich, money is for those who constantly looking for ways to earn it.

4. Why is The rich gets richer?

The rich get richer is because of the effects of compounding. The power of multiplication, accumulation, continuous growth, recurrence, reduplication, and repetition. What is that?

What is Money Mindset?

Simple examples here:

What is Money Mindset?
What is Money Mindset?

The compounding effects will go on and the longer it takes, the bigger difference or gap you will see. This is how the richer able to gets richer, it all because they make their money work harder than saving them in our consumer bank saving account.

Have a better idea now? Free Interest Compounding Calculator here.

5. Rewiring your mindset of money is not hard

Having the right mentality is always the first thing to do. When there are possibilities in our mind, our brain will send out commands to our bodies and look for ways to fulfill the commands being sent across.

Making money is for everyone if, until this point of time, you only have one income source, it never too late to start, find the “know-how”, learn from basic, the more we being exposed to the idea, more reading, practice, get familiar with the unfamiliar knowledge, we will be good at it eventually.

Bear in mind that having a good money mindset is different from being money minded. We are not trying to be frugal, driven by money here, but is more of forgetting about “money is only for the rich concept” money is for everyone who learns, keeps looking for ways to earn it.

6. Learn something about what are the 5 Good Money Mindsets?

To know more what other ways you can make passive money, you can check out my other posts, they are easy to read and understand.

Do not afraid to also drop me some questions and comments below, I would love to answer and to help you with your life money compounding journey.


  1. Hello sim, I really think that I need to read those posts of yours because I am one of those who does nothing but saves his money. I dont know how to make my money work for me but that’s something that I am willing to learn now having read all the importance from your post here. I can see how the rich get richer from your examples and I think I should try it out first. Thanks for sharing this with me.

  2. The place of mindset cannot be overlooked when we are talking about making money and the fasrter we can tweak our mindset towards the right things is the faster we can get ourselves to move with the rich and make more Money than we could expect by doing the right things. If we have the right mindset of money making through investment over savings alone would improve our life drastically. The power of compounding is great and if well used can really change lot of things about us. Thanks

    • Yes. Whether we start from big or small, the compounding effects will just do its job well for our future. 🙂

  3. A while back, some students asked I was teaching at that time asked me if making money was difficult. I told them no that making money was a very easy thing. They looked surprised that I said that because I obviously did not look like someone that had money. Why exactly did I talk about this? It is because making money is really in the mind. Making money is so easy only if you know what to do. 

    Of course, if you don’t know you can learn because knowledge is power. If you know what to do you would realize that making money is not a difficult thing. There are stories of millionaires that went bankrupt but almost immediately got back their wealth. What do you think these people did? 

    already know the path to success that even if they go bankrupt today they would not be worried because they know exactly how to get back up. It is all in the mind because ones you know what to do you can never have any problem making money.

    • yes, there are lot of ways to make and save money, as long as we keep looking for it. Opportunities are everywhere, as long as we don’t give up searching for it! Good luck!

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